I started off with bike at the age of four. Progressively, I grew older and I gotten myself, my first BMX bike ~ General, which was much a dirt racer and I find the frame is long and it’s tough to do flatland tricks with it. So I traded off to a GT Performer, and finally ended up with Dyno Slammer Team. After many years, I sold away to a friend.

During that period of time, Mountain Biking (Mt. Bike) and In-Line Skating were kinda trend because they were the new kids on the block. Never keen about Mt. bike because I was hungry for more thrills, such as jumps, grinds and even in-line hockey. SK8, yeah!

Pretty much that I had accumulated decent permanent scars and memories. Well, it didn’t stop me from moving on to bigger toy – Motocross. From Yamaha WR2 to GusGus200. Couple of injuries that had caused me to ponder if I should continue such sport. Sold all my gears and took a good rest.

Now, just riding a normal road bike – Honda Super4, Spec 3 and because of the influent of friends, I got myself into Mt. biking. I’m still a greenhorn about MT Bike, but I thank God that I’ve friends who could help me out here and there.

None the less, I’m still growing, and still learning. Ride on!