Field Trip: Bukit Dangas DH Track (Pt 03/03)

YEAH… It’s time for lunch!!!

Wow the lunch was superb… thumbs up! After about 15mins to 20mins of rest, its time to weck the track again!

Time flies when you are really enjoying the track! Woot… its time to head to HQ to get a good washup!

It’s time to load up and head to ferry terminal.

Before any long trip, its very important to take a leak first.

Ensure all the bikes are all loaded up… its time to take some good rest.

After about 30 – 40mins ferry ride… its again to ride back to our vehicles.

To sum it up, it was a money well-spent day over at Batam. SGD$150 each. Ferry rides (back & forth), meals, lunch, transportation, washup, and good services. For the track, it could be a very daring one for first timers and at the same time it could be very addictive too. To really enjoy the track fully, you definitely will need some good physic to do lotsa runs. As for the bike setup, for sure a DH will do great, but a FS could pull off well too. As for HT, well, it might not be suitable this track, but it is still possible to do it for most parts of the track.

For sure, we are looking forward to go back to the track again with the same service vendor.

Till next time. さようなら!

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Field Trip: Bukit Dangas DH Track (Pt 02/03)

Somehow no matter how well you’ve prepared, you still gotta look after yourself while riding.

Hahahahaha, we are like uncles trying to be Ah Boys… oh well. 😛

Let’s take a walk down to the entire track.

This is the entrance.

Nice down bumps.

Coming next, theres a gentle drop…

.. way down to Cobra drop.

As you can see the drop may cause a good stress upon your folk. So know well if your folk could take such pressure. For my case, I just have to push down my HT at this drop. *Oh well*

Another view of Cobra drop.

After the Cobra drop… theres a small lane along side the road. This is where you could pick up your speed.

Be careful not to go too fast, coz on your left theres another drop. *Any name for this drop? Anyone?

Even you failed, theres safety net to catch your fall.

Another perspective of the drop.

With the speed, it will soon bring you to the PINK rocks.

I’m still figuring how to clear this obstacle in the best way.

Anyway, theres a blink spot fo these PINK rocks, so you might wanna get prepared.

After the PINK rocks, off you go from the mini slop!

Another perspective of the Pink rocks.

Then its time to speed off~! If you know your bike well, you will love the up-coming track.

After this right turn… theres a nice drop awaits you to the finishing point.

End point.

To be continue…


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Field Trip: Bukit Dangas DH Track (Pt 01/03)

At first there was disappointment when we heard the track will be closed. Then after few days later, it was open again. Woot! To tell you the truth, I don’t even know what I’ve signed up for. I just go for it even I’m riding a HT. \o/

Breakfast is an essential meal for the day. I’ve found 5 reasons from internet that tells us why it is important.

Reason Number One…
There is a brand new day ahead of you each morning. Eating breakfast can help you to have a great day. Our bodies cannot run on empty until lunch time. How many people eat a really healthy lunch? When our bodies do not have proper nutrition they do not function to their fullest. We will not feel good if we do not eat breakfast. Noone wants to not feel good half the day. We are not as productive when we don’t feel well.

Reason Number Two…
Our energy level. Breakfast gives our bodies nutrition and substance. This is where our energy comes from. People who do not eat breakfast have considerably less energy than people who do. Think about it. Breakfast is the meal after dinner. We eat dinner then sleep through the night. That’s eight or more hours with out eating. Our bodies need to be nourished in the morning. They’ve gone without for hours. If we do not eat in the morning our bodies will not be able to produce the energy we need for the day.

Reason Number Three…
Concentration. People who do not eat breakfast often have a hard time concentrating. They also have difficulty learning because they are scatterbrained. People who do eat breakfast tend to be much more focused on the task at hand. They do not have trouble concentrating nearly as much as those who do not eat breakfast. We think a lot each day. This is really something to think about!

Reason Number Four…
Your mood. Did you know that hunger can cause mood swings and irritability. So can running on empty. Your body is lacking something. This affects your whole system. People who do eat breakfast tend to be much less irritable than those who do not. They tend to be in a better mood. Noone around you wants you to be irritable. Noone likes it when people mood swing. DO yourself and those around you a favor each day, eat breakfast 🙂

Reason Number Five…
Breakfast is at the very beginning of the day. Families can sit down and enjoy this meal together, grasping a little bit of quality time each morning. See, breakfast can help you to have a great day in more ways than one! What better way to start your day 🙂

It’s great idea to park your vehicles at Labrador Park, because parking it’s FREE.

Oh man, the sky looks gloomy… and yes, we were all wet again. We will still continue to ride till its not safe at all.

When you are into such sport, accident is always there awaits you. So, it very important to invest in some protection gears to minimize any heavy damages.

okok, it kinda slippery on the track already… lets be safe then sorry. So, we’ve decided to call for a short break.

Loving the makeshift setup. It don’t just shelter you from the rain, but it also allow you to put your belongings and hang your gears.

Great supply of mineral water, Pokari, Redbull, Coke & Coke Zero. Theres Watermelons too. Also, the superb bread! Wow. It’s absolutely tasty.

To be continue…


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Field Trip: Ubin MTB Trail (Vesak Day 2013)

All thanks to ~ Will. Else, I’m so gonna find my own transport to the Changi Pier. Most properly via a taxi @ 7am.

All gears checked, but realized that my stomach has been shouting for my attention. Oh well, a good meal = a good ride.

Com’on everyone, smile!

I’ve been told that this is the BEST cycling shoe ~ Five Ten. How true is that?

Wow, it has been almost 20 years I last stepped into this island.

Ok, all set and we are ready to rock!!! Then suddenly…

Pay a good $2 for a good wash up for your baby. (Inclusive of water jet massage)


I really love the ride, just that the weather didn’t served us well. It was pouring like no tomorrow. There are many obstacles that I wanna go for it, but due to the condition and the hardtail bike that I’m riding, 2 words, Not Safe. So, Pulau Ubin till we meet again.


Field Trip: Red Bull Dark Knight 2013.

Oh man, Saturday was a day that’s full of events all around this tiny island. I wished I’ve clones of me to attend all of them. Nah, I was stuck at home doing work. I took a nap and woke up, saw the clock, HOLY SHIT, I’m so gonna missed the Red bull Dark Knight event… gave a couple of calls to friends and I made my way there!


Former BMX world champion and also 2011 Red Bull Dark Knight defending champion Daniel Sprague had took the Champion position once again, when he had to fought with the fearless Polygon Factory riders from Indonesia. Wow, what a close fight.

Field Report: From men to ah boys!

Before any trails, a good sleep, and a good…. breakfast is very important!

Nutrition Facts on banana.

The good: This food is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium and Manganese, and a very good source of Vitamin B6.

The bad: A large portion of the calories in this food come from sugars.

Read More on Nutrition Data

After such a high energy breakfast, we are all set to ride all from Chye Seng Huat Coffee Bar (

Hang on! Needa ensure the camera is working fine…  especially the focus. Gotta be sure all the pictures gonna turn out sharp!

Good…! Next, we must find the best route to our destination… GPS on!

Last but not least, ensure all the gears are fully secured! And we are all set!

Thank God for the good weather, protecting us from the scotching sun. We rode through all the walkways and PCNs.

We saw a old uncle riding his bike in the middle of the road. We kinda worried for his safety. Thank God that those vehicles that are behind him tried their best to avoid him. Pray that this old uncle will be fine. Then we came to a path that force us to re-route and it brought us to a very happy place!

Seriously, who would named a place ~ Happy Avenue? Unless this place really lives up to its name! Maybe? Look at me!!!

Guessed it must be the breakfast I had that had made me so happy! All of us are happy too!! Woohoo!!!

Alright its time to go…

Hang on! Hang on! Something had caught my nose….  Oh, this is one place that cannot be missed… one of the best Kway Chap stall. One of the MUST ORDER dish is their infamous Deep Fried Large Intestines. OMG!

Heres the address to this place if you wanna try >> Google Map << Enjoy!

Oh did I just met into an accident? Was it a Hit & Run?

Don’t worry, I was just posing with a badly damaged vehicle that was parked at some industrial parks. The car was badly in shape, hopefully there wasn’t anyone got killed in this accident.

As we continue to proceed to our destination… we went into Temasek Polytechnic to have a pitstop at Mc’donald.

Crazy us, we ordered 3 LARGE drinks, then realized that we might have a hard time to finish it. Alrighty, as soon as we are done with the drinks, off we go again!

Approximate 15mins we reached our destination. Woot! It’s time for some fun! 🙂

Oh man… the hills really show no mercy upon us. Are they trying to tell us that we are all out of shape? Nah… we are not gonna give up to easily, especially we came all the way for this! Ride on!

Ride on! Jump! I believe I can fly!!!

Oh boy… we all really had alot of fun and all we could do is laughing at each other silliness and injuries. Hahahaha \o/

Yes, we gotta admit that age is really catching us.We are all so beat up after all the jumps, it’s time for us to take a good break.

Indeed we are from men to ah boys!
Till next time. さようなら!

Photos Credits:
Kevin Lim aka Brainopera (Samsung NX300)
Jason Itchi (Instagram)