Pimp It: Nori Light

If you are keen about this product, you could visit this site >> Norilights.com << Safety First!


Pimp It: Illuminate!

Be seen or not to be? Well, its cool to have a bike that can be in stealth mode. Well, personally I don’t think it’s wise to do that when riding at night, especially when there are so many interesting drivers on the road.

Consider to pimp up your bike to another level?

You can either visit the official site here >> http://fibre-flare.myshopify.com/

or visit your local dealers.

Pimp It: GripRinged

Many of us, including myself would love to have a great color combi for own bike. Traditional way will be searching for the ‘perfect’ moulded patterns or color to match it, but now its different. I saw a great ‘ring’ of colors for me to choose from. Now I’m lost in the great ocean of choices.

You will have to feel it to know it. You will have to see it to believe it.

If you are not sure if this suits your need, feel free to ride down to Mighty Velo or give them buzz to find out more from them. Enjoy the ‘ring’ of colors, try not to get too ‘high’ with the colors! Trip’on! šŸ˜›


Mighty Velo
239 Lavender Street, Singapore 338783
Tel:Ā 6396 6280

Pimp It: Be seen by others

Riding in the night might be cooling and could be adventurous at times depending on the areas that you are riding upon that time. What if you are at the wrong time at the wrong place… you will be history.

Always keep yourself visible to other commuters as much as possible. Most stock bikes might come with tailĀ and/or pedals reflectors, but those tiny reflectors can’t do much. Also, those are just merely for the back. What about your side?

I’veĀ stumbled upon a site selling reflective bicycle wheel sticker strips.

Be it crossing a small lane, we still gotta keep ourselves visible to other users. Unless your bike has been pimped with bright lights, you might not require this… none the less, SAFETY FIRST.

If you are keen to get them, you could visit here >> Reflective Bicycle Wheel Sticker StripsĀ <<