Wear It: Your investment

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Wear it: It’s time to be Foxy!

Some may already knew about this place or had been there couple of times, but this is my very ‘virgin’ trip to this shop. Wide range of fox products, from MX to MTB gears and apparels.

Just bought a jersey from them. 2012 season wear. What a price ~ SGD$45 nett. If you prefer something cheaper, there might be some older season that you may like, which are going at a very reasonable price with additional 20% off.

At the beginning, my experience at the shop was excellent, because I was served by a guy who seems to be a Pinoy. He has this smart and short hair cut. He is friendly and helpful. Always serve with a smile. As I was looking around and asked him where are the jersey area, he showed me the racks and explain to me about the placement of different season jersey.

I asked him if I could try them on just by overlaying it over my current clothing. He said sure and if there are some sizes that I wanted and they could be found at  the display rack, he could check for me from the storage place. Wow, what more can I ask for?

Finally I settled for one design with much ‘mud’ concern, went to the counter and wanna pay. Well, at this point, all the excellent service has no longer exist.  This slim lady with long hair, her body language and tone, don’t seems friendly at all. Its like, whatever you asked her, she will reply to your questions, but… it accompanied with this unwilling or stop asking me stupid question kinda tone or body language.

You must be wondering what did I asked? Well, I saw an ad pasted at their counter, its about signing up with their X-Club via their website. So, I asked her whats that about…  she just don’t seems to be interested to share the info with me. She replied its not a card, its just sign via the website. I was like… -_-!

I got so turned off, I just wanna get out of the shop ASAP.

If you don’t mind about such service coming from this lady, well, its a good place to dop by to check out their merchandise, MX gears, MTB gears, Gloves, Helmets, Jersey, Pants, Slippers, Shoes…etc.


33 UBI AVE 3, #01-31/32,


Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday : 10:30 – 19:30
Saturday : 10:30 – 17:30