How To: Know your parts


How To: Not kill yourself

Not everyone really understand their own bike, well. Especially when comes to jumps.

If you are not confident of doing jumps, well, I would suggest that you should practice while you are still on the ground. Knowing how to lift up your handle bar and push your bike forward that will cause bike’s tail to lift up. It require bit of momentum. If not, you might ended up like…


When comes to landing, eye placement is very important!!! If you had gone thru driving or bike lesson at any driving centers, all the instructors will tell you to look where you wanna go.

How To: Clean your chain?

“Wow, why your gears and chain look to dirty?”
“Eh? You mean I have to clean them?”
“Yeah! When they are cleaned, you will enjoy your ride much more. Just like brand new!”

I never though that I would need to clean my bicycle chain and gears. Naturally, there’s some rust on the chain here and there. Even for my motorbike, all I did was to spray lubricant and it will auto clean it. Anyway, I just give it a try…

Got myself – Muc-Off, Chain Cleaner

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How To: Choose the right helmet?

Riding BMX and In-Skate don’t really require you to wear a helmet, unless you are in a skare park. But it is a law in Singapore that one must wear a helmet while riding a motobike.

When come to recreational sports, many of us started taking off without know the knowledge of safety and here we go till we made our very first accident and permanent memories such as scars and injuries that takes ages to heal.

How about a little investment on protecting our tiny head first and allowing it to develop with some wisdom before we do anything crazy or caused by other crazy fellow?


Bike helmets aren’t compulsory in most countries – except for racing – but a good-fitting lid can help protect your head when you’re commuting by bike or out for a weekend ride.

When choosing a bike helmet it’s essential that it’s a perfect fit – snug without being tight or pinching. When the retention system is properly adjusted the helmet should stay in place if you shake your head quite hard. A helmet that doesn’t fit well won’t provide as much protection as one that does because your head will still be able to move around inside it in the event of a crash.

The shape of the inside of a helmet differs between manufacturers, so it’s important to try lots on. Most people find that their head shape – be it rounder or more oval – corresponds to one or two brands.It’s also good to try on helmets in your local bike shop and get someone to help you fit them properly. Remember that you must do up the straps – if you don’t then the lid won’t protect you.

A well-looked-after helmet should last for about eight years. You can clean it with mild detergent or simply soap and water. Store it in a dry, well-ventilated place when not in use and avoid heat sources such as radiators and airing cupboards.

Article from: BikeRadar

Currently I’m using LIMAR Superlight 525 model. I got it at SGD$70.

TEF Bikers Junction
01 Thomson Road, #01-332, Singapore 300001
Tel: 65- 6256-2928

Although there are many brands, types and fitting as what the article had mentioned. IF you are on a budget, you might wanna speak to one of your bike shop staff and see what kind of suggestion they could offer.    Take your time and work around with it. It’s worth it.

Remember, DO NOT ride a bike without a helmet.


  [ak-si-duhnt]  Show IPA



an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm,injury, damage, or loss; casualty; mishap: automobile accidents.

Law. such a happening resulting in injury that is in no way the fault of the injured person for whichcompensation or indemnity is legally sought.

any event that happens unexpectedly, without a deliberate plan or cause.

chance; fortune; luck: I was there by accident.

a fortuitous circumstance, quality, or characteristic: an accident of birth.